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Planet X Stealth Pro. A fantastic way into Time Trial bikes. This is a real rocket ship that won’t break the bank



Fambridge Half Iron Man - Race Report

Fambridge Half-Iron Race Report……and why I’m so proud of my club

Boardman MX Comp - Review

You’ll never get me riding a hybrid…or so I said - review of the Boardman MX Comp

Hever Gauntlet Race Report

Hever Gauntlet - Race Report

Je Suis un Ironman - IM Vichy Race Report

In the first of our technical articles, The SMCC’s very own Wet Wipe demonstrates a practical technique for dealing with the unwanted reflectors that, by law, the manufacturer has to fit to your new bike!

Wet Wipe is a highly trained professional with many years experience so we accept no responsibility for any damage that you do to yourself or your bike, should you fancy giving this a go yourself - You have been warned!!!

In our second technical article, the SMCC’s very Goldie breathes life back into the failed bottom bracket on his mountain bike.

Three punctures in one ride! That’ll be what prompted Goldie to put this technical vid together.

It’s a Goldie Technical Vid - so it isn’t short. Put the kettle on, make a cup of tea and what the SMCC’s finest struggle to get his tyre back on the rim!

One tiny soft alloy bracket stands between you and smooth gear shifts.  

Goldie shows you the proper way to set this up after a spill.

The SMCC’s very own Wet Wipe tells you everything you need to know if you manage to break your Clavicle!