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Know this; I am not a qualified dietician or nutritionist; I’m a regular bloke who figured out a common sense way of dealing with a personal weight issue. You can do this too but, before you do anything, do take time to sit down with your doctor and discuss what you want to do, why you need to do it and understand any potential risks that may apply to you personally. The Human body is a wonderful thing and, one reason for that is that no two of them are absolutely identical. What applies for me may not apply for you and vice-versa. Objectivity is priceless - get some; if nothing else, it may do you good to hear your doctor say, “you really should consider doing something about your weight!”

Make a change - and make it last…

As someone, who has lost a significant amount of weight - and, more importantly, sustains that, I am often asked the million dollar question, “so, how much do you eat now?”. There is one very simple; very pragmatic answer to that……..ENOUGH!

However, people seem somehow short-changed that I don’t exist on cabbage water and lettuce leaves; they expect that the only way to shed as much as I did - and keep it off - is complete and utter abstinence and self-denial. They are somehow troubled that my new regime is not so severe that it would make your average monk look like a playboy!!!

But, generally speaking, it is based upon the following common-sense principles:

Obviously, in the above, fuel refers to calories. Having accepted that the above does indeed apply to you also, you simply need to work out how much ‘fuel’ is required and make sure you get it on board.

When is enough…..enough?

Quite simply, I can’t answer that question; only you can. The right amount of fuel for you depends completely upon your body composition right now, your state of health and your goals. There are, however some great tools available online at no cost, which will really help you here. My personal favourite is MyFitnessPal. This fantastic website and even better smart phone app does a great job in helping you understand your daily calorie requirements - and then helping you track what you are taking on board and what you are burning.

Let’s not forget that managing calorie intake does not always apply to losing weight; for every slimmer, there is another, who desperately needs to gain weight. Two flip-sides of the same coin - but both easily managed through effective ‘fuelling’

Personally, I know exactly how many calories I need every day and make sure I get them.

Begin….at the beginning…

Before you so much as read another sentence, do this………..Set a goal! Make sure you can answer the following questions:

  1. What do I want to achieve?
  2. Why do I want to do that?
  3. How will I know when I’ve done it?
  4. Why will things be better when I have done it?
  5. How will things be worse if I don’t?

Be honest with yourself as you answer these questions and then….write it all down….or store it somewhere…..It’s part of the plan; so don’t lose it; whatever you do.

So….now, we are making progress…

Let me reiterate something I said in the Nutrition and Fitness landing page - It’s now all about hard work, pragmatism and determination; I did not build this site to give (or, even worse, sell) you a ‘quick fix solution. And, the reason for that is……well…….there just isn’t one!

Sadly, I think that both pragmatism and common sense have both become a little unfashionable when you talk about any aspect of health and fitness.  Essentially, the reason for that is that by adopting a pragmatic, common sense approach to managing weight or getting fit, you are accepting that change requires effort and takes time. That does not serve the marketing departments of ‘health product’ manufacturers or diet organisations well.

Lose 7 Pounds in 4 Weeks!!!

Oh, suddenly, I have your attention!

Imagine a diet product with a label proudly stating, “Will require significant personal effort. You may not see significant results for several months.

Let me ask you; would you buy that? I wouldn’t. No, instead, it’s much better if you can label your product, “Lose 7 pounds in 4 weeks”, people would buy that; wouldn’t they!

If you think about it, losing half a stone in 4 weeks really isn’t that hard. In fact, I have (in the past) lost that much in one week (or, in fact, one evening - dependent upon the quality of the Kebab shop I chanced upon on the lonely wander home from the pub!)

But, it was never sustained weight loss and the reason for that is that I was always attributing my success to something other than the real reason I had lost weight – quite simply, getting my head in the right place and then making a conscious effort to shift some flab.

A magic bullet…or, possibly not!

When I look at all the ‘wonder’ diets that my wife and I tried before (with varying degrees of success) the one thing that strikes me is that they are all based on boundaries. The boundary could be not mixing carbs with protein: it may be calorie control or even just eating protein. But each of them, in their own way, is steering you toward a change in your eating habits.

Why then do some people succeed using these diets? Well, it’s simple - if you go from eating several pounds of refined sugar each day to your new ‘wonder’ diet - which actually allows you to consume a whole chicken (if you want to) then it’s likely that one protein-rich meal will contain less calories, fat and wasted carbs than all of the crap you were eating before. Net result - you reduce calorie consumption and, consequently, burn some flab. You’ve not lost weight because of some magical response that the body has to protein alone (although, actually, there is some mileage in that), it’s more likely that you have burnt flab because the stuff that you are eating now is marginally healthier than the stuff that you were eating before. Put simply, you have made a change and are making an effort.

There is one caveat around that however - there is a huge amount of truth in that old saying ‘whatever works for you’. If you get motivation from joining a weekly group then, honestly, do not change that. Do, however, understand that what you are aiming to do - however you do it - is to eat healthily, fuel yourself appropriately and, where possible, make best use of your body to help you do that.

The E.L.E.M Plan…

Hang on a minute; he said he wasn’t going to give me any fancy eating plans!!!

And, I’m not!!! But, if it’s weight loss that you crave then you won’t find a better plan than this……

Eat Less Exercise More

And, that’s it, really…..we’re right back to the start…..it’s all about pragmatism, hard work and effort on your part.

So…what next…?

My personal journey back from the edge has been based upon the principles that I set out on the Nutrition and Fitness landing page…..

  1. Sort your head - Make your plan; set your goals; understand why, what and how. Before you go any further, make sure that you really, really want to do this
  2. Sort your nutrition - Personally, I don’t like the term ‘Diet’. I know it’s a simple, functional word, which actually says what it means/. But, for the majority of those who have fought weight issues, I actually think it has been given negative connotations; in a way, somehow being associated solely with self-denial.

Nutrition, on the other hand, applies whatever your goals - it’s all about taking in the right amount of fuel to help you achieve them.

  1. Sort your fitness - L:et’s be honest’ by addressing the first two on this list, you will start making changes. But, if you add this one in then you will really ramp it up!

I like to think of this plan as a three-point-turn. If you are headed in a direction that will lead you somewhere you don’t want to be then execute this to turn yourself back around.

I will help you by blogging regularly on this site. I’m also bringing together some practical resources to help you - and these will build into the Fitness and Nutrition section over the coming months.

Keep coming back. Stay motivated. Achieve your goals.