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Why I Love Road Bikes

Firstly, don’t get me wrong – I LOVE ALL BIKES! It was a mountain bike that got me cycling and I still have a warm place in my heart for my lovely Trek 4900 Disc. But, once I found road bikes…..I was a true convert.

Cycling rewards in many ways. As cyclists, we all understand the simple pleasure that comes with the endorphin rush after a long ride: we all know how beautiful the countryside is at 05:30 on a summer morning (whilst the rest of the world slumbers) and we all know the feeling of absolute freedom that comes with being out on your bike. But road bikes add something extra to that mix.

Converting from a mountain bike to a roadie feels strange – like going from an SUV or 4 X 4 to an MX5!!! It takes a little getting used to but, boy, when you are used to it – you’d never go back.

Road bikes focus the mind; they inspire; they make you feel like one of the ‘pro peloton’ even when you are, in fact, a slightly lardy MAMIL. On a road bike, you finesse your riding style; you learn the subtle art of ‘drafting’, you go faster, ride harder, crave the latest team kit and love every minute of it.

Like the Borg, you and your road bike become a collective consciousness.

Picture always speak louder than words – so I’ll let the video below do the speaking (it gets interesting about 50 seconds in - when you see my hand move off of the hoods and on to the drops).

Get a road bike. Get out. Get hooked……and start hanging with your local Chain Gang.